Why would you choose an Aloe Vera Business above all the other business opportunities out there?

Here are some very good reasons you might like to consider:

Forever Living, known as the Aloe Vera Company, was founded back in 1978 by Rex Maughan, who is still its CEO. It is privately owned, so does not have shareholders to please, and is cash-rich and totally debt-free. That gives you financial security!

That’s a good beginning, don’t you think?

Forever is now trading in 160+ countries around the globe. It is truly international and as a Forever Business Owner you are free to choose where you want to build your businesses – i.e. in any one or all of these countries.

You will have access to achieve an uncapped income stream that you can even will to family or friends – so your business need not end after you go.


Building a Forever aloe vera business gives you the time and freedom to control your own financial destiny.

This short video will show you the Top 10 Reasons why people choose Forever over other Network Marketing companies:


Forever Living is a very ethical Company. Their Aloe Vera plantations, where they grow 50,000,000+ Aloe Vera plants, work to cleanse the earth of two million tons of C02 annually.

I especially love the fact that as you climb the Marketing Plan from Assistant Supervisor to Manager and beyond you simply cannot slide back down the plan. Each time you achieve a new position it’s yours until or unless you climb higher. To retain your status you don’t even need to maintain a specific turnover!

As a Senior Manager, I could down tools for a month, a year – or years – and would still be a Senior Manager when I continued my business. How many Companies give this facility, I wonder?

Considering the booming health and fitness industry, you might love knowing that ours is a health and recommendation business.

Yes, this aloe vera business is much more about recommending than selling, as I think you will see from this video:


Your own ready made aloe vera business websites and online shop

Of course these days we all need to be active online with our business and here Forever helps again. All Forever business-builders have online shops like mine but we are saved from taking orders and doing the packaging and posting.

This is done by the Company, who also cover the products with their 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Then they send FBOs a bonus of 35-48%, depending on where we are on the Marketing Plan.

So, as a Manager and above, you make 48% on every product sold in your name! You also earn generous bonuses on all your team’s achievements.

Thanks to helping people with their health and wealth, my daughter and I plus many members of our international team now have a lifestyle we could only have dreamed of previously.

But that’s enough from me. Here are some inspiring stories from others whose lives have changed similarly thanks to finding Forever: eBrochure

Or simply click HERE if you’ve already decided you’d like your own Aloe Vera Business and I will help you get started and get you onto the Training Program.

Just contact me if you have any questions about having your own aloe vera business and I will be happy to help!


Forever Living Business Owner

Head Office Address – Forever Living Products, Longbridge Manor, Warwick, CV34 6RB.

Statutory Wealth Warning – It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.

Forever Living are members of the Direct Selling Association.



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